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Understand what your dentist is talking about!

Many dentists count on having trusting, uneducated patients, and rely on their confusion to sell unnecessary or overpriced services. That’s why DCAS – The Dental Consumer Assistance Service – was formed.

All dentists require a set of full mouth x-rays for new patient exams. However, insurance companies only pay for these x-rays every 3-5 years, depending on the carrier. Go to more than one dentist in five years and you will pay for the additional x-rays.

DCAS is the only dental patient consultation service specifically designed to provide information your dentist doesn’t want you to know.

For a small fee, and working with just some basic background, we’ll give you all the answers you need to make educated oral health decisions that are right for your family. Our professionals will help structure a program that suits your budget, and because we don’t want to know your dentist’s name (to avoid any possible bias), you know the information you’ll be getting is legitimate.

Just one visit with us and you’ll walk out with:

  • A set of dental x-rays and digital images of your teeth which you’ll own
  • A written treatment plan with viable, cost-effective, easily understood, short- and long-term treatment options
  • Confidence, knowledge, and protection that come from having a patient advocate working for you
  • A thorough understanding of the dental profession and dental insurance industry
  • A comprehensive way to eliminate your dentist’s conflict of interest
  • Peace of mind

Run by a dental professional with 25 years of medical and dental expertise, including 10 years of running his own practice, DCAS will show you how to get around overpriced or ethically questionable plans of action put forward by anyone counting on your confusion to make a sale.

Learn to advocate for yourself. Make your future dental decisions with confidence. Become an empowered dental consumer.

Get that second opinion…first.